Great, you're here! Hand me Thal canvas on The fable, would you?

This, from my best friend Alson as I walked info her family room one November affernoon. Perched on a slep ladder, she was faking down a canvas with eauiful Mayan rvins scene faken on a previous fip fo Mexico.

Chrisimas decoraling has always been her favourite hing, so was no surprise o me thatfhe canvas on the fable was @snowy Chrisimas village scene.

Don'ya love I, she asked?

As she descended from the step ladder she corfinved: s a Tfal pain fo pack and sfre These canvases each fime buf you can' argue wilh the result

Ttsure would be great fo have “inferchangeable art* wouldn'!
i1 said?

3 monihs lafer Suitch-Art was born.